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Terms and conditions of reservation and cancellation policy:

Terms and conditions of reservation

1) These are our reservation conditions:

  • In order to make a reservation the customer must prepay the deposit of 20% of the amount of the entire stay. This deposit is non refundable.
  • The reservation is not valid until Mandala Bungalows has sent the customer an e-mail with confirmation of the reservation.
  • The remaining amount for the stay (80% of the total), after the deposit of 20% has been made, must be paid on arrival, either in cash or with credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Cancellation policy:

1. The modification or cancellation of a reservation will carry the following charges

  • 20% of the amount of the entire stay if cancelled or modified by the customer once the reservation has been made.
  • 100% of the stay if cancelled or modified the reservation with less tan 15 days before the arrival day.
  • 100% of the stay if non show.

In the event of circumstances out of control of the customer the same criteria applies set forth in this paragraph by modification or cancellation of the reservation.

2. Modifications to your reservation (the change of check-in or check-out) will be subject to the availability.

3. If the client must leave the property before the planned departure date there will not be any type of refund.

4. Neither will it be acceptable to save money for future reservations on the occasion of a modification or cancellation.

5. The occupation of each bungalow is limited to the number of people specified in the booking confirmation (maximum 2 adults). If it is detected that there are more people staying in the bungalow that is authorized the reservation will be cancelled. Any visitor must be authorized by the owner.

Establishment Regulation and Rules:

En virtud de lo establecido en la Ley 13/2011, de 23 de diciembre, del Turismo de Andalucía (artículo 36) en conexión con el Decreto 47/2004, de 10 de febrero, de Establecimientos Hoteleros (artículo 5):


  • Smoke inside the bungalows.
  • Bring a pet at the establishment.
  • Bring a person not registered at the establishment.
  • Provoke or incite any kind of discomfort or disorder to other guests.
  • Talk or treat in a disrespectful manner to a staff member of Mandala Bungalows.
  • Stay at the establishment after 11 am the departure day without prior notice.

Any of these circumstances will be considered as a cancellation of the client’s reservation, and shall release to the establishment any obligation to reimburse the amounts linked to the reservation.

  • In case of damage to the furniture and equipment of the establishment, the client must immediately notify the manager and will be required to replace for the damages resulting from not communicating in time.

The Management reserves the right to refuse admission.