Beaches in Caños de Meca and surroundings

Los Caños de Meca is many things: nature, gastronomy, hiking, relaxation…

But, above all, Los Caños de Meca is paradisiacal beaches. Secluded coves and kilometres of sand intermingle in a coastline of truly spectacular beauty, ideal for enjoying the sun and the beach on long walks, with sunsets that will leave you speechless.

So that you don’t miss any of this, we are going to give you tips on many of the beaches that you can visit not only in Los Caños de Meca, but also in the surrounding area.

Beaches in Caños de Meca very close to Mandala Bungalows

Only with Los Caños you already have enough for several days at the beach. You can walk to all of them and thus avoid taking the car, since especially in months like summer it can be difficult to park. Depending on the wind, you can choose the beach that is best for you to go that day, since depending on whether there is east or west there is always one suitable for each moment.

Los Castillejos beach

We have to start, of course, with our beach. You will find it just in front of the establishment down some stairs, 2 minutes away. It is made up of small coves surrounded by cliffs, which gives it a unique beauty and charm.

When the tide is low, from this beach you can walk along all these coves until you reach some freshwater waterfalls that come from the Natural Park of La Breña and the Barbate Marhes. This is the so-called route of the Cortinas.

Ask us when you arrive and we will inform you where to go and at what time you can do this route of approximately 1 hour (there and back) through this authentic natural paradise.

Finally, here next to the beach and therefore next to our bungalows in Caños de Meca, you have 3 restaurants where you can eat very well: quality products from the area such as the famous red tuna, prawns, rock fish or retinto beef, a breed of cow native to our area. These restaurants are La Pequeña Lulú, Restaurante la Breña or Restaurante Los Castillejos.

Pirate`s beach

A 10 minute walk away you have the beach of La Laja, popularly known as El Pirata, one of the classics of Los Caños de Meca.

You can even walk along the same beach leaving from Los Castillejos beach. It is the most central and popular beach, where you will find most of the beach bars and restaurants in Caños. It is an area with a lively atmosphere where you can have a drink and enjoy incredible landscapes in emblematic places such as the Jaima-Meccarola chill out.

playas canos de meca alrededores pirata

Mari Sucia beach

This beach is a little further away on foot, towards the Trafalgar Lighthouse, in a sheltered area when the west wind blows.

It is a 10 minute drive and a 35 minute walk. It is located next to the same road that leads to the lighthouse and from here you can enjoy beautiful views of Cape Trafalgar, both of the beach and the natural park.

Recent archaeological work has uncovered findings from different periods on this beach, such as Roman baths from the 1st century in an excellent state of preservation, nurseries and salted fish ponds from the Roman period and even a megalithic tomb from the early Bronze Age, some 4,000 years old.

Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach

Right next to Mari Sucia, it connects with the beach of Zahora. It is a beach of great scenic beauty like the previous one, but you have to be careful with the currents that form the reefs, especially when there is an easterly wind and waves.

After walking up to the Trafalgar lighthouse, you can contemplate Los Caños de Meca and Zahora at the same time with spectacular views, especially at sunset. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent if you choose that time of day, as their favourite time of day is just as the sun begins to disappear.

The lighthouse can only be reached on foot, so if you go by car it is preferable to park at Bar Las Dunas, a 15-minute walk away. This is undoubtedly one of the most authentic places in Los Caños de Meca, where we recommend you to have a drink and enjoy its fantastic originality.

Beaches near Los Caños de Meca, in the charming surrounding towns

Near Los Caños de Meca there are many beaches in the surroundings to enjoy a day of sun and sand, walk or surf. Zahora, El Palmar, Barbate… During your stay at Mandala Bungalows we suggest you visit nearby towns and discover the most charming sandy areas in the area.

Zahora beach

Very close to Los Caños de Meca, about 10 minutes drive from our bungalows, the beach of Zahora is a sandy beach of more than 3km. full of beauty: Incredible views of the Lighthouse of Trafalgar and a unique atmosphere created by its beach bars that will captivate you.

There are several guarded car parks in the area at an affordable price and good options to eat or have a drink.

One of the unmissable visits if you go to Zahora is the Sajorami Beach Restaurant, the favourite place par excellence to enjoy the sunset on the beach in summer.

And if you want to open your mouth, you can’t miss a mojito or one of the varied cocktails at Sajorami. For dinner, we can’t fail to recommend Venta Curro, a traditional place for good food. It is essential to have some patience because good things wait and it is rare that they don’t have a long queue of people at the door.

Zahora may not be one of the most popular places on the Cadiz coast by name, but this beach is definitely worth a visit.

In Zahora you also have the Mangueta beach, a totally unspoilt beach, suitable for nudism and much less crowded than the beach bar area.

playas canos de meca alrededores playa zahora

Barbate beach

Just 7 kilometres away you also we have the town of Barbate, with beautiful beaches such as Hierbabuena beach. Located within the Natural Park of la Breña and the Barbate Marshes, this wild beach is surrounded by dunes, cliffs and pine forests.

Leaving the bungalows, a few metres away, you have the Tajo Cliff path, a very popular route to the Torre del Tajo in the Natural Park that will take you through a surprising environment surrounded by pine forests and viewpoints overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, through towers and cliffs that extend to this beach in Barbate.

The route is about 8 km long and takes about 2 hours, walking slowly and stopping to enjoy the surroundings. It is a really worthwhile route. On the hottest days, it is best to do it early in the morning.

Then you can rest on the beach of Hierbabuena or continue to the beach in the centre of Barbate, El Carmen beach, also highly recommended, and eat in one of the many restaurants along the promenade. Barbate is also the best place to taste bluefin tuna, as this town is the capital of the Almadraba bluefin tuna.

El Palmar beach

It belongs to the town of Vejer de la Frontera. This 8 km. long beach links Zahora with the beaches of Conil. Perfect for swimming and for enjoying a unique surfing atmosphere, with a multitude of beach bars in front of the beach, surf shops, surf schools… If you want to surf, either on your own or with a course, El Palmar is the ideal place to do it.

From here you can also see beautiful sunsets.

playas canos de meca alrededores playa palmar

The magic of the Cadiz coast

The beaches are an inexhaustible heritage on the Cadiz coast. These that we have named are the closest, but we could continue with all of Conil de la Frontera, Roche, Sancti Petri, Zahara de los Atunes or Tarifa, all of them less than 1 hour from our bungalows. Therefore, you can enjoy this coastal paradise as many days as you want. The hardest thing will be to choose, because all of them are worth it


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